Our Newsletter

A Year of Growth

What a year it has been! This past year our waiting list for student enrollment grew as more and more parents looked to have their children join our after-school program. We have been working hard to grow our program, and thanks to your support and to the continued efforts of our incredible volunteers, we were able to admit 25 new students into our program.

There is a great demand for free tutoring services in on the South Side. Strive Tutoring now serves 51 students from Chicago’s South Side, with the help of over 50 volunteers. As of this fall, we have over 200 students on our waiting-list to enter our program. With your financial support, we aim to grow our program to better serve our community and reach more students than ever before!

Cultivating Enthusiasm, a Tutor’s Perspective

I began tutoring with Strive a few years ago. I have worked with numerous students in a variety of subjects, and am consistently impressed with the enthusiasm they bring to the program. We typically spend the first and last few minutes talking to each other about the day. Not only does it help us focus when we get to work, but it helps forge relationships that make the sessions more personal. The bonds we build cultivate enthusiasm, and coming to Strive becomes an opportunity to share frustrations, ideas, fears, and successes. It is a privilege to be a part of that.

I fondly remember the goodbye ritual from Elliot, Montel, and Alexis. We would walk them across the street each day after the program, and -- before I was allowed to leave – I would have to catch each of them as they jumped to give me a hug. Nelson finding out that I wouldn’t be able to tutor him last spring (I was studying abroad) was a sad realization. He grabbed on to my leg and wouldn’t let me go. Students not only want to come, but don’t want to leave! I’ve been fortunate to take part in the growth of the Strive students so far, and I look forward to another quarter of shared challenges, achievements, and friendship.

Danny Rua, Strive Tutor

Summer Program

The Strive Summer Program was my first experience with Strive, and it left a powerful impression on me. The Strive Summer Program maintains Strive's focus on education within a summer camp atmosphere. To watch a child emerge from an introverted shell, or to go from being skeptical to excited, courteous, and full of smiles instills a sense of fulfillment that is hard to describe.

Almost every day of Strive's Summer program, a child did something that surprised me. Whether it was showing off dance moves, culinary skills, or academic aptitude and knowledge, I was constantly impressed by the achievement I witnessed around me.

Let’s Stay in Touch!

Our program is made possible by the continued support of our community—generous donors, local business partners, volunteers past and present, friends, family, and YOU. We are so grateful that you are a part of the Strive Family, and we want to keep you up-to-date throughout the year.

From student work to volunteer outreach opportunities, from events to student stories, we hope to share Strive Tutoring’s work with you like never before. Our website has been redesigned, allowing us to accept volunteer applications online, and to provide our students with online registration. Through our Facebook Page, you can see photos from our program, learn about upcoming events, and hear the latest news. Please send your family and friends to our website and Facebook page. We are excited to share our growth with you throughout the coming year!