Dear Strive Friends and Supporters,

Strive has always been proud to call Hyde Park-Kenwood home. As a truly community-initiated organization, we have been serving children in our neighborhood since before our 1990 incorporation as a nonprofit. Strive’s students, volunteers, board members and staff all have Hyde Park-Kenwood roots.

In the spirit of reciprocity, Strive delights at being a stable source of pride for the Hyde Park- Kenwood community. Times are exciting for our program, as we’re in a period of growth. Student enrollment and volunteer participation is greater than it’s been in many years, and our program is in high demand with an ever-growing wait-list. Our students arrive with enthusiasm, and our volunteer base is eager to contribute with innovation.

Of course, successful growth only happens within a community of support. We are thankful to all of our contributors for allowing the lives of children right here in Hyde Park-Kenwood to be touched by our meaningful and lasting work.


Angela Habr

Executive Director