After School Program

The smell of banana bread, the sound of a piano, the sight of brows furrowed in deep concentration over a chemistry book … it is not unusual for these experiences to be happening on the same day! While a first-grader perfects his addition, a high school student might be writing her college admissions essay. At Strive, we have quiet, focused tutoring spaces and a lively kitchen and playground. Amid abundant space and free of the distractions of television and gossip, each child gets exactly what she or he needs on any given day, from academic support to physical activity.

Strive Pod

Strive Pod is our after-school small-group tutoring and enrichment program. Each Pod has 4-6 students of similar age and grade, guided by a supportive Pod Preceptor who offers academic assistance and facilitates enrichment activities. Chess tournaments, baking and art projects, science experiments, and outdoor play are some of the things Pods do. Positive peer relationships are emphasized in Strive Pod as a key aspect of children’s healthy, holistic development.

Summer Program

Each year, Strive offers a free summer program for the month of July. Students participate with their peers in engaging hands-on learning activities, while practicing applied math, reading, writing, and art. They make culinary creations in the kitchen, go on field trips, and explore various topics from nutrition to Ancient Greece. The end of the program is marked with a Summer Show- case & BBQ, in which students display their work, perform in a program open to parents and family members, and feast with all who are present!

Our Programs

We use internal and external tools, such as test scores and report cards, to gauge our students’ progress. Students and parents set academic goals with tutors, who provide daily feedback on student performance. We recognize that not all success can be measured, evidenced by engaged and joyful tutoring pairs, peer friendships instead of rivalries, and kids striving to do their best.

Are you a student in need of tutoring?

We are currently operating at full program capacity! You can add your name to our waiting list and we will contact you when a spot in our program is available.

Strive Summer Registration

Registration for Strive Summer 2017 will open in the Spring.